Georgina Skan


A graduate from one of the world’s most famous art schools, Central Saint Martins, and winner of the prestigious Goldsmith’s Bursary Award, British Designer, Georgina Skan, began her Fine Jewellery career working for renowned Jeweller, Theo Fennell. Theo himself became Georgina’s mentor and recognising a natural talent soon made her his Head Designer.

Four years later Georgina was head hunted by Royal Jewellers, Garrard, where she enjoyed eight years of creative freedom, designing and producing some of the House’s most successful and well known collections including ‘Wings’ and ‘Hummingbird’.

As Head Designer of Garrard, Georgina worked with some of the most important gems in the world creating one of a kind pieces for Royal, Celebrity and Private Clients. Georgina also became fascinated by Garrard’s romantic archives kept within its famous vaults and was in her element recreating their engagement rings by reworking old Garrard designs from years gone by. “I love the romance and stories behind old stones and wanted to bring them back to life whilst still respecting their history.”

Georgina travelled extensively during her time at Garrard and was afforded the luxury of sourcing and working with the world’s most experienced and talented craftsman. Over the years this has led to Georgina having that rare mix of being as knowledgeable about the making of jewellery as she is about its design.

“From these artists, I have been so fortunate to learn about the intricacies of making jewellery and whilst design is always paramount, for me, it is the way a piece is actually made that really sets it apart from the rest. I work with a handful of incredible goldsmiths who understand the emphasis I place on the back of a piece of jewellery being as important as the front. I have always felt it is so much more special for the wearer to enjoy the detail the rest of us don’t always see.”

After fifteen years experience at the top of the Fine Jewellery world and following on from her success as Design Director of Asprey, London, Georgina is finally fulfilling her dream by launching her own jewellery label under her name. ‘Georgina Skan’ now offers beautiful ‘One of a Kind’ Engagement Rings and Private Commissions as well as her first stunning collection ‘The Cocktail Hour’ which has captured the eye of journalists and private clients alike.